Gaaiho PDF Reader 4 (PC)

Dynamic Viewing

ImprovedView PDF file with speed

  • Enjoy top-tier launching and rendering speed whenever a PDF file is opened, which might be documents, images, spreadsheets and/or presentations, complete with high-resolution display. Meanwhile, there are also rulers, grid, multi-window and multi-page tools available, taking your reading experience to the next level.

NewTouch mode

  • The new touch mode enables using the software with fingers on mobile devices.

Change background and text colors

  • Other than Windows color schemes, Gaaiho Doc enables you to improve the document’s accessibility by setting up background color and font color.

Full screen presentation mode

  • In full screen mode, Gaaiho Reader provides tools such as cursor with laser effect or continuous view for you to better deliver your presentation.

Diverse Panels

  • With individual panels which take care of bookmarks, thumbnails, attachments, comments and more, let nothing escape your attention.