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Gaaiho PDF Reader (Mobile)

View PDF on Mobile Devices

Open and View PDF

  • Open PDF on your mobile device with outstanding speed. You can also go through portfolios and password-protected documents

Customize your view

  • Other than zooming in and out, Gaaiho PDF Reader also offers three view modes for you to choose from—single page, continuous or text reflow.

View PDF with ease

  • Jump to any page instantly or use keyword search to find what you are looking for in seconds. You can also use the Bookmarks or Outlines panel to navigate through document easily.

Manage and share files

  • The built-in "Documents" and "Recent" file lists can help you organize files and find PDF quickly. Sync with Dropbox, set up WebDAV server or use IP connection to manage files with cloud services.

Useful settings

  • Gaaiho PDF Reader provides detailed settings such as brightness lock and night mode to guarantee the best user experience.