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Gaaiho PDF Suite 5

Manage and Distribute PDF

PDF Manager

  • PDF Manager can help user quickly locate all PDF files in the computer. User can browse, search, copy, delete, rename files and the edits will be kept in sync with the original.
  • Adjust thumbnail size to get an ideal view of documents. The bigger, clearer the thumbnail is, the fewer the documents you can see in the window.

NewOptimize scanned PDF documents

  • When scanning files to PDFs, you can run OCR, reduce file size, or make them PDF/A-1b compliant.

Reduce file size

  • If a PDF document has any excess flab, use the Reduce File Size feature to remove it. This feature slims your PDF by compressing images, streamlining PDF objects and removing unnecessary data. With five adjustable reduction levels, user can further control the size of the final output for quicker delivery.
  • Five adjustable reduction level to achieve an ideal result.
  • Apply a specific reduction level to multiple PDF files.
  • Files are compressed in a data-friendly compression method to prevent information loss.

Cloud Drive Integration

  • Save and share documents to cloud drives, expanding your storage space.
  • Supported Dropbox and Evernote (installation required).

Create or remove links from URLs

  • Convert all URLs within the document to hyperlinks so that users can simply click to visit webpages, or remove all hyperlinks and revert them to text.

Change background and text colors

  • Other than Windows color schemes, Gaaiho Doc enables you to improve the document's accessibility by setting up background color and font color.

Batch processing

  • Create command sequences to perform multiple functions on large batches of documents at a time, including watermarks, redaction application, stamps and page rearrangement.