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Gaaiho PDF Suite 5

Edit PDF Files

Writable PDF

  • The revolutionary "Write mode" adopts the popular interface design and has a full set of advanced features to boost your work efficiency.
  • Screenshot:
    User can choose whether to hide present window or not before capturing screenshot. When finished, user may add text, comments or shapes to the image and then choose to save copy or apply screenshot to the present PDF file.
  • Set up font, paragraph and style.
  • Insert table, picture, clip art, graphic, symbol, text box, hyperlink and footnote.
  • Set up page size, margin, text direction and break.
  • Spell-check, word count and add dictionary.
  • View PDF using ruler, gridlines, navigation panel and etc.

Writable Excel

  • Create a new Excel workbook within Gaaiho Doc and edit it directly.
  • Open an existing Excel (.xls/.xlsx) file with Gaaiho Doc and it will be automatically converted to PDF. Then click the "Convert to Writable Excel" button to set up conversion options.
  • Run OCR on the Excel-turned-PDF to recognize text.
  • Use font, alignment, number, cells and editing functions to complete spreadsheets.
  • Convert to PDF with one click when you finish editing spreadsheets.


  • You can invite partners to edit a document together. The initiator can not only create an access code or enter "Secure Mode" to protect the document, but also invite or remove participants during collaboration. Then, collect and consolidate thoughts and ideas by viewpoint-tracking and action prompt, making meetings swift and efficient.
  • NEWCollaborate on a document with your review partners in LAN or over the internet.
  • Set up access code or choose secure mode to protect information.
  • Invite or remove participants anytime.
  • Show participant's cursor position and action being taken while tracking.
  • Normal Mode: allows participants to save, copy file during co-editing and a final copy will be sent to each participant at the end of session.
  • Secure Mode: only allows participants to view and edit the file, but limits them to save. The document cannot be copied during the course and there will be no copy at the end.

Edit text and images

  • Quickly edit text, adjust objects and change layout on a small scale.
  • Type on PDF directly:
    The "Add text" feature enables users to type text directly on a PDF page. Compared to Typewriter, it creates actual text instead of generating annotation.
  • ImprovedAutomatic text reflow and alignment options are now supported. Also in the party is enhanced textblock recognition--all for your better PDF editing experience.

Document assembly

  • Using the "Page Thumbnails" panel and "Document Assembly" view, you can get a panoramic view of all pages in a document and use functions such as insert, extract, replace and crop with ease.
  • NewDuplicate pages: Insert a copy of pages to a specified location within a document.
  • NewSwap pages: Switch two pages in the document.

NewConvert Web Pages to PDF

  • Turn web pages within a certain level or the entire site to a PDF document.