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Gaaiho PDF Suite 5

Comment and Review

Rich comment tools

  • Mark text with rich comment tools, such as highlight, note, text box, typewriter, draw tools, stamps, cross-out, underline and more.
  • Attach file of any format to PDF document.
  • ImprovedWatermark: Choose from a list of predefined watermarks or create your own. You may also add multiline watermarks and remove ISO-compliant watermarks with just a click.
  • ImprovedStamps: Add stamps to documents. You can adjust the size and angle of stamps or make them with transparent background.
  • Header and footer: add header and footer to document and set up macros, such as date and time, page number, author and file name.
  • Create links: you can not only set up hyperlinks, but also actions such as opening a file, going to a certain page or executing JavaScript commands.
  • Bookmark and table of contents: organize your document by using multilevel bookmarks, table of contents or generating table of contents from bookmarks automatically.
  • Import/export comments: this feature helps user gather opinions and boost reviewing process.
  • Categorize comments by types and display their numbers.
  • NewSmart comment toolbars: When you create or edit a comment, you'll see a tab corresponding to its type up on the ribbon, making functions such as alignment and formatting intuitive to use.

Track changes

  • Track changes is normally used when you create an original document and make changes and want to keep track of the changes that are made to that original document.

Compare two documents

  • Use the Compare feature to automatically highlight the differences between two documents.

SharePoint integrated

  • User can open, create, save or merge files via Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2012 to a PDF folder.