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Gaaiho PDF Suite 5

NOTE: Gaaiho PDF Converter can create up to 1000 pages/ 100 files of PDF every 24 hours. If you need more than this, see our "Terminal Server License" or "Gaaiho PDF Server".

Convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint to PDF

Use batch-enabled Converter to convert, combine file formats to PDF or to content-rich portfolio. Further, adjust watermark, password and Word conversion settings to produce professional documents.
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ImprovedConvert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image or text

Gaaiho PDF Converter can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint(.pptx), images or text in batch. You may adjust settings for each format to get optimal results.
* Improved PDF-to-Word and PDF-to-Excel conversion quality.
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Recognize text (OCR)

Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn scanned documents into editable PDFs, or PDFs into Office formats. You can then cut and paste text into another application or export to other file format.
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Print to PDF

Gaaiho PDF virtual printer helps you to quickly convert files or merge document to another PDF. You can also choose a page handling option to make publishing materials fast and easy.
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Outlook add-in and AutoArchive

Convert e-mail or mail folder to PDF and set up AutoArchive schedule for better management.
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Convert webpage to PDF

By using Gaaiho plug-in, you can convert webpage to PDF directly within Chrome, IE or Firefox. For IE or Firefox users, remember to activate the extension that has the name “Gaaiho" in it; for Chrome users, please download it from Chrome Web Store.