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Shihlin Electric Deploys Gaaiho to Create and Edit PDFs with Ease

Shihlin Electric Quick Facts
  • Industry:Electric machinery & equipment manufacturer
  • Location:Taipei, Taiwan
  • Team size:4200+
  • Customer since:2006
  • Product used:Gaaiho PDF Suite


Founded in 1955, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation is a prominent manufacturer of advanced heavy electrical systems, electrical equipment, machinery and automation, with over 4,200 employees in offices and factories across Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia and United States, reaching $6.38 billion in annual revenue. Beyond its core business, the company also invests in digital imaging channels, optoelectronic and system integration, firmly establishing itself as a recognized supplier in the international market.

Editing PDF Made Easy

A long-time customer of Gaaiho, Shihlin Electric is no stranger to the benefits of using PDF to handle internal and outbound electronic documents, which circulate around multiple offices and factories by large quantities on a daily basis. As the business grew, so did the number of documents and chances of human errors, and the supervising officers soon realized they needed a PDF solution with stronger editing capabilities to meet their demands. That was when Shihlin Electric began upgrading their old versions to Gaaiho, which enables them to edit PDF as if dealing with a regular MS Word document.

THE OLD PROCESS OF EDITING PDF: Errors Discovered   >   Converts to the Original Format / Requests the Original Copy   >   Converts Back to PDF For roughly 150 Gaaiho users that consist of import/export management personnel, R&D engineers and financial management staff, the feature “Convert to Writable” comes especially handy because they no longer have to convert and request files repeatedly. Spending extra time aside, repetitive conversions could cause layout change and content misplacement, while asking for the original copy sometimes took hours, resulting in efficiency loss. With Convert to Writable and Edit Text & Images at command, they can now freely retype or reformat PDF files with diverse options such as font, highlight, numbering, inserting pictures and pages. “Gaaiho comes with a lot of features and they are really helpful,” says Mandy Lin, an IT veteran at the corporate headquarters. ”Especially the editing feature that our team picks up quickly and is simple to use.”

Fast and Accurate PDF Creation

Not all documents are PDF in the first place, and therefore Shihlin Electric usually has to create PDFs from a substantial amount of documents, including customs documents, order sheets, design drafts and financial statements, to name a few. With Gaaiho PDF Driver, virtual printer and Office integrations, the users are not only able to create PDFs using the method they feel comfortable with, but also benefit from the fast conversion speed and superior accuracy that Gaaiho offers.

Other than PDF creation, the new addition in Suite 3—Gaaiho PDF Converter further empowers users to convert from PDF to editable Word or Excel files in batch. Gaaiho retains formatting, tables, page layouts so that staff can concentrate on revising and editing the content.

A Cost Effective Choice

Gaaiho Performance vs. Leading Vendor

By choosing Gaaiho, Shihlin Electric effectively cuts down total purchasing cost by 43% in the process of delivering robust PDF capabilities to multiple corporate divisions. “Gaaiho provides simple, handy PDF editing feature at a good price, not to mention exceptional customer support and training sessions,” concludes Mandy Lin.

Key Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Edit PDF documents directly

  • Reliable PDF creation and conversion

  • Save 43% in procurement cost
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