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OiV Standardizes Document Processing on Gaaiho PDF™ Terminal Server

Odašiljači i veze d.o.o. (OiV)
Quick Facts
  • Category:Telecom
  • Headquarters:Zagreb, Croatia
  • Active users:30 per day
  • Team size:290
  • Product used:Gaaiho PDF Suite TSL
    ( Concurrent license )

About the Company

Obliged to carry out functions and perform duties partly regulated by laws, OiV - Transmitters and Communications Ltd. is a state-run telecom giant with over 90 years’ experience in broadcasting and telecommunication industries in Croatia, providing complete radio and television broadcasting services, audio-visual content and data distribution, fiber-optic lease, co-location as well as modern media services. During the Croatian War of Independence from 1991 to 1995, OiV held the transmission system functional and thus contributed to the defense of the country and the independence of Croatia from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

The Challenges

  • PDF Editing Hassles Curb Productivity
    Employees at OiV were accustomed to editing their PDF documents through the so-called “OLD PROCESS”, which involves repeatedly converting PDFs to editable formats and back. Making PDFs editable this way was acceptable providing that there were just a few documents waiting in line. However, as the quantity grew due to OiV’s continuous expansion, they realized they needed a new workflow that could speed up PDF conversion and make the whole editing process better.

  • Clunky Attachments Lead to Space Crisis
    OiV typically handles around 20 customer emails on average per day. To make communication swift and easy, OiV staff tends to include documents, charts, diagrams, and pictures as attachments, which became a problem as they ended up clogging OiV’s servers and even their customers’, as engineer Antonia Japunčić pointed out, “we really need to reduce the sizes of our help materials to effectively manage the space of our customers’ mailboxes”.

  • Non-standardized PDF Software Took a Toll
    OiV used to have multiple PDF applications which require installation and activation on each computer, making it tough for IT personnel to manage software assets and to make sure all usage was compliant with license agreements. On top of the software maintenance difficulties, it also appeared that the company wasn’t making the most out of their investment, as a substantial number of users only needed the software occasionally. One thing was for sure: they needed to standardize their PDF software on a single solution that has everything they need and also caters to the company’s budget considerations.

Gaaiho in Motion

Gaaiho PDF Suite was first introduced to OiV at the end of 2015 and has markedly made document processing faster than ever. The Terminal Server (Concurrent license) has not only mitigated IT’s stress on administration, but also empowered users to access the software from anywhere within the corporate network.

"We no longer need an additional solution because Gaaiho offers everything we need to work with PDF documents. Gaaiho was a step towards the modernization of services."
- Antonia Japunčić, Engineer at OiV


Using Edit Text & Images to adjust PDF objects
【 Convert, Edit, Simple 】

With Gaaiho PDF Converter in operation, employees are able to convert PDF to other editable formats without compromising speed and accuracy. Beyond batch conversion, basic text and object editing can now be done in one place, instead of a series of different applications. The surveyors now use Suite’s Edit Text & Imagesfeature to handle pictures and change text with improved efficiency, freeing them for other important duties.

【 Getting Size under Control 】

By removing non-vital data and compressing pictures, files can now be readily reduced in size, relieving pressure on the mail servers and the general network speed. Whereas Reduce File Size is widely used to compress image-rich documents with a slider bar that can determine the quality-to-size ratio, Inspect Document serves to remove deleted content, unnecessary comments and bookmarks from the document prior to submittal. As a result, the employees are now at ease to process documents, knowing the file size would be always within the permissible zone.

【 Higher Manageability, Lower Cost 】

The Gaaiho PDF Suite Terminal Services License (TSL) does not only fit into OiV’s remote-based infrastructure, but also significantly lower the total costs of ownership. Users could hardly feel the introduction of Suite, as the installation took place only on the servers rather than on every single desktop. Centralized deployment also makes life easier for ITs because all they need to maintain right now is just a few machines, and Suite can be accessed from any terminal within the corporate network, as opposite to the licensed computers only. “By purchasing the software, we found everything we need to perform daily tasks with a large amount of PDF documents. The employees are very satisfied with the tools offered by the program and every now and then express a positive opinion,” concluded Tihomir Stojanović, Head of Department.

Feature Spotlight

  • Convert and Export PDFConvert PDFs into Word, Excel, images or text using the Export feature in Doc or Gaaiho PDF Converter.

  • Create PDFDirectly create PDFs from MS Office, web pages, or batch-convert using Gaaiho PDF Driver.

  • Convert to WritableWith a click, convert an entire PDF document to a writable PDF that can be edited right within Gaaiho Doc.
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