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Subscription vs.Perpetual License

Only Suite offers subscription license

  Suite - Subscription Suite - Perpetual
  US$ 65 /year   (or US$ 7 per user/month)
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US$ 149 /user   (Buy more, save more!)
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  • Pay to access software for a period of time
  • Pay once and use the same version for good
  • Functionality
  • Full
  • Full
  • License Management
  • Manage, add users to or extend licenses online
  • Manage or add more users to licenses online
  • Software Update
  • Keep the software up-to-date within the subscription term for free
  • Only minor version updates unless subscribed to Software Maintenance Services (SMS)  NOTE
  • Access
  • Floating license. At home or office, sign in to use at anytime with an internet connection (1 copy can activate up to 2 devices)
  • Activation/ deactivation required when switching to a new computer
  • Priority Support
  • Provided within the subscription term
  • For Software Maintenance Services (SMS) subscribers only
    • NOTE Minor version update means an increment in the secondary version number, e.g. from version 7.1 to 7.5.