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Support Policies

  • Introduction

    The Gaaiho PDF Support Policies apply to most products currently available through retail purchase or volume licensing. ZEON is committed to providing necessary support and guidance to customers for a great experience using our software. For customers who have subscribed to Software Maintenance Services(SMS), please read the Terms and Conditions to fully understand the rights.

  • Major and Minor Version Number

    ZEON's definition of "major version number" means the first number, e.g. the 6 in 6.3 and the 2 in 2.0. “Minor version number” means the number(s) after the dot, e.g. the 5 in 8.5 and the 51 in 9.51. Definition on Update and Upgrade

  • Definition on Update and Upgrade

    Zeon's definition of "upgrade" means a rise in the major version number, e.g. v6.5 to v7.0, whereas "update" means a rise in the minor version number, e.g. v7.1 to v7.5.

  • Support Phases
    • General Support Phase

      The General Support phase starts on the date you purchase the product and lasts for 30 days. During this fixed duration, you are eligible to:

      • One-time free installation or activation help
      • Unlimited e-mail support
      • Free version upgrade (if a new version is released)

      ※ Please also remember to provide your order ID, serial number or valid proof of purchase to our support team at the time of submitting a request.

    • Extended Support Phase

      Extended Support phase becomes effective from the end of the General Support phase and lasts for one year. Extended Support is available primarily through the support website and provides two additional support cases related to:

      • Product download, installation, activation and deactivation
      • Product registration
      • Serial number issues

      ※ Customers can also submit a support ticket online to receive help and workaround for critical issues encountered.

    • End of Support Phase

      Products supported are limited to the current and previous major version only. “Current version” stands for the latest major version of software available on the Gaaiho PDF website. For instance, if the latest version is 6.0, version 4.0 and below are not supported.

  • Outside the General Support Phase and without SMS Subscription

    In addition to online help documentation, ZEON also provides access to 24/7 free online help through the following self-service options:

    • FAQ
    • Community
    • Activation/deactivation guide
    • Enterprise deployment guide
  • Support Services Comparison

    Feature General Support Phase Extended Support Phase
    Maintenance Upgrades ˅  
    Maintenance Updates ˅  
    Support Priority ˅  
    Submit a Support Request Phone and web Web only
    Access to Knowledge Base ˅ ˅
    Community Support ˅ ˅

  • Supported Versions
    • Gaaiho PDF Suite 5.x, Gaaiho PDF Suite 4.x
    • Gaaiho PDF Converter 5.x, Gaaiho PDF Driver 4.x
    • Gaaiho PDF Server 5.x, Gaaiho PDF Server 3.x
    • Gaaiho Reader (free)
    • Gaaiho PDF Reader (Mobile)
  • Versions in End-of-Support Phase
    • Gaaiho PDF Suite 3.x and below
    • Gaaiho PDF Driver 3.x and below
    • Gaaiho PDF TSL 3.x
    • Gaaiho PDF Server 1.x and below
    • All DocuCom versions
  • DocuCom PDF Support

    DocuCom PDF products, discontinued in 2009 and entered end-of-support phase in 2014, is known to have compatibility issues with Windows 7 and above. Users are advised to switch to Gaaiho PDF.

  • Disclaimer
    • ZEON provides support services for licensed software, limited to documented features and supported system environments, unless otherwise specified. Supported system environments will be the system requirements as detailed for each product. If the problem cannot be replicated in a supported system environment, ZEON is not under obligation to attempt to resolve the problem.
    • ZEON cannot guarantee resolution for every issue, but our support team will make every reasonable effort to do so.

ZEON reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its support offering any time, from time to time and without notice.
Last updated: 2018-11-28