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The Journey of Gaaiho

Founded in 1989, ZEON is in the PDF business for more than 25 years. We started out making publishing software, and then dedicated our attention to PDF (Portable Document Format) in 1993. There it began the evolution of our PDF software, trusted by businesses and professionals around the world. While the journey goes ever onward, we hope you’ll join hands with us and create more possibilities down the road.


Among the Best in the World

TechRadar, an international tech site, put Gaaiho PDF products on their top 5 list of "Best PDF Editor," "Best PDF Reader" and "Best PDF Reader for Android" within two years. A testament to our excellence.


25 Years of Evolution: Gaaiho 5.0 Released

Not only did the new version come out in ZEON's 25th year in the PDF business, but it also places yet another milestone for major UI redesign and product improvements.


The 16th Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award

ZEON received the Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award issued by ICET in recognition of our high-quality software products.


Our First PDF Tutorial Webinar

History was made on September, 28th, when Gaaiho streamed the first PDF webinar live via YouTube, becoming the first to do so in APAC.


Gaaiho 4.0 Product Launch

On May 25, business reps and reporters flock to the 5-star Westin Taipei for the official product launch of Gaaiho 4.0. This is the first time ever ZEON hosts a product launch event, and also a big step forward in Gaaiho’s brand recognition.


Gaaiho 4.0 + OCR

ZEON proudly releases 4.0 for Suite, Driver and TSL. Other than the all-new Excel editing feature, they are also equipped with cutting-edge OCR technology—a perfect match: PDF and OCR.


Innovative Elite Top 100

Gaaiho celebrates the win at ICT Month Innovative Elite, also the country’s premier tech award, from a pool of 500 contestant products.


Tech Trend Gold Award

Gaaiho PDF Suite wins the Tech Trend Gold Award hosted by PChome, one of the largest domestic media groups.


Computex & Gaaiho 3.0 Debut

Hailed as a milestone version, Gaaiho PDF 3.0 makes its debut in Computex Taipei, taking all-in-one PDF software to a new level.


Into the Mobile World

Gaaiho goes mobile and releases Gaaiho PDF apps on both App Store and Google Play. At this point, Gaaiho PDF solutions are available on PC, server and mobile platforms.


New Home

We leave the old office near a noisy airport and move to a new location that has a department store, a Carrefour and a MRT station in the vicinity (to the joy of all folks). Gaaiho PDF 2.0 is also released at the time.


The Era of Gaaiho PDF

15 years after we give birth to the first generation of DocuCom, the Gaaiho era officially begins. This is also the time we introduce the revolutionary concept of “full-scale PDF editing” to the world.


Birth of Gaaiho

ZEON expands R&D capabilities and begins to develop business collaboration software, codenamed M1. The intriguing brand name “Gaaiho” shows up around this time as well. Here is the Backstory.


The Dynamic Duo

ZEON launches DocuCom PDF Gold which consists of a converter and an editor program—a unique formation that will be passed on to the future generations. It is also available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.


First in the Business

We lead the market by releasing the first Asian PDF solution—DocuCom 2.0— in Japan. It is also the first PDF program to incorporate various language applications to be delivered and displayed in PDF documents in Windows environment.


World is the Stage

This marks the dawn of ZEON’s PDF business—DocuCom 1.0, the first to support DBCS Asian characters in Windows. We fly to San Francisco to showcase the software at the Seybold Seminars, the premier trade show for the desktop publishing and pre-press industry of that time.


The PDF Pioneer

ZEON establishes the R&D center in Beijing (back then, Peking), China. The first company to set foot on PDF technology in Asia Pacific. (PDF insider: this is also the year PDF specs are first released to the market.)


The Founding

ZEON is founded in Taipei, Taiwan, by T.C. Here the journey begins.