Gaaiho, pronounced ga-aye-ho (for native speakers, na-aye-ho), means “hello” in the language of Amis, one of the major indigenous peoples in Taiwan. In early 70s, T.C. TUNG, the founder of ZEON, paid an unforgettable visit to the Hualien County (a rural, mountainous region east of Taiwan) for his college graduation project. There, a chance encounter sparked a long-lasting friendship with an Amis person.

Deeply moved by the hospitality showed by the Amis people, T.C. would continue to visit his friends and this beautiful land over and over again in his life. In 2005, during one of those road trips with family, T.C. happened to see a board sign listing the proper ways to greet the indigenous peoples, and “gaaiho” immediately caught his eyes. Remembering the good times he had with his Amis friends, he soon decided to name the new brand after that word.

Gaaiho (hello), world!