Gaaiho Enterprise
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Why use Gaaiho Enterprise?

Calling is expensive and a hassle. E-mail is the new snail mail
Businesses are turning to IM for its immediacy and convenience, as older communication methods become dated and inefficient. Especially among younger workers, IM is a necessary tool to exchange information with many different coworkers at a time.
Customize and deploy hierarchy-based contact lists
With Gaaiho Enterprise, deployment is quick and easy. Instead of having to add one contacts at a time, an administrator can create customized lists and apply them to a user, group, or everyone. Represent your company's organizational structure in the contact list to act as an employee directory, expanding the flow of communication between different branches of your organization.
Public IM networks are not secure
Free IM programs are designed for social use, not professional. Gaaiho Enterprise offers a secure IM solution with end-to-end, SSL/TLS 256-bit AES encryption so that no unencrypted data goes through our server. Control each user's permissions, limiting functions such as sending/receiving files, adding unknown contacts, or sharing desktops.
Manage your projects
Coordinate your various projects by creating project teams and adding bulletins, documents, and schedules for each member to access. Start project meetings which are automatically archived in your project folder.
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