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  • Gaaiho PDF Suite is a tool for PDF creation and processing
    FDM | August 2014

    Gaaiho PDF Suite comprises two modes, Write Mode and Review Mode, which are switchable by one simple click. The interface adopts a Ribbon design, similar to commonly-used document processing software, to which user can adapt quickly without...

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  • Gaaiho PDF Suite is a full-featured program to work with PDF files
    CCM | 8 July 2014

    Gaaiho PDF Suite enables the creation of a PDF file and converting any PDF file into other formats in a matter of seconds. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it also gives users the ability to organize them, move, copy, delete...

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  • Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s Top Academic Institution,
    Leverages Gaaiho PDF Server™ for Organization-wide PDF Creation

    Similar to other top research institutions around the world, Academia Sinica generated a huge amount of files every day and as the number of research projects grew, switching to PDF became an imperative for the organization because it’s...

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  • Shihlin Electric Deploys Gaaiho to Create and Edit PDFs with Ease

    A long-time customer of Gaaiho, Shihlin Electric is no stranger to the benefits of using PDF to handle internal and outbound electronic documents, which circulate around multiple offices and factories by large quantities on a daily basis. As the business grew, so did the number of documents and chances of human errors...

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  • Artesyn Saves Time and Reduces Cost by using Gaaiho PDF Suite™ for PDF Markup and Collaboration

    As one of the world’s largest and most successful power supply company, Artesyn is a highly document-intensive company that has already incorporated PDF into its internal workflow, acknowledging the format’s superior annotation and security capabilities. At first, Artesyn used Adobe® Acrobat® for such...

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