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Gaaiho Works are licensed on a rental basis only. Comparing with DocuCom and Gaaiho PDF Suite, here are the benefits of Gaaiho Works:

  • Rent the software only the amount of time you need it - go by month or save by renting yearly.
  • Use the software on any computer by entering your Gaaiho account and password. No more "one copy per seat" restrictions that force you to spend more to use the software on separate machines.
  • Upgrades are free as soon as they're available. You won't have to worry about new OS or hardware compatibility.
  • Full administrative control over license distribution on, including which accounts are using a copy and how many are still available.
DocuCom PDF Driver   V 9.X
Gaaiho Works 1.5 Years
DocuCom PDF Gold   V 9.X
Gaaiho Works 3 Years
If you don't like subscription or you don't have Internet connected, you are warmly welcomed to upgrade your DocuCom license to Gaaiho PDF Suite.
Comparing Gaaiho Works, DocuCom 9 and Gaaiho PDF Suite:
DocuCom PDF Gold Gaaiho PDF Suite Gaaiho Works
Price $99 $119 $35 /Year
Updates 40% of original price 40% of original price Free
Online Collaboration
PDF Word Processing
Activation Serial number Serial number Sign in Gaaiho Account
Note: Gaaiho Works does not work properly through a proxy or when a firewall is installed. If your environment meets any condition specified, please choose Gaaiho PDF Suite and Gaaiho PDF Driver Offline.

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